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You have the regular ones, like, eharmony, OkCupid, Tinder, etc. But there are also some niche sites, such as Grindr, Christian Mingle, BeNaughty, Dating For Muggles, my420mate, Trekdating, PinkCupid, MatchGeeks and JewishMatch. The site is the brainchild of Dave Tavres, a longtime Disney fan and former Disneyland engineer.

Sometimes strangers meet by striking up a conversation about one person’s anime-related shirt or keychain trinket. Kwink boasts that its users can be themselves when they’re on the app, with the website claiming that the word ‘kwink’ meaning the traits or interests that defines a person. Because of this, the dating platform has a variety of groups that are focused on particular subjects, with the anime community being one of the more popular. ‘Otaku’ is Japanese for somebody who is obsessed with something, with the term typically being used for people who are interested in anime or manga. As a result, the name of the website translates to ‘geeky singles,’ which is what it’s primarily focused on.

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People eager to try out the site are able to create a profile for free – and can also peruse those belonging to other users without needing to pay. However, in order to contact another person on the site, users must fork over a fee of $12.55; the 55 cent addition serving as a tribute to 1955, the year that the first Disney park opened. Created by former Disneyland Railroad engineer Dave Tavres, 41, from Culver City, California, the website is described as ‘a place to connect people who love Disney and who want that same magic in their relationship’. The creator of the site, Dave Tavres, states that he made the site out of his own affection for the franchise and desire to find women as enthralled with Disney as he is. When Tavres was working at Disney, he frequently thought about all the single women that visited the park, and how to help those women find a mate like him – someone that loved Disney just as much as he did, anyway.

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Fantastia Gardens is themed off of Disney’s classic, Fantastia (like the pool at All-Star Movies resort!) and is great if you’re a Disney classics fan. Mouse Mingle costs $12.55 a month and lets users private message and join online chats with other Disney fans. There are countless Disney fans across the world from Walt Disney World to Disneyland, from Orlando to Paris. Sometimes it’s easy for one Disney fan to find another by different means, but the internet provides an easy and convenient way to sift through Jafars or Captain Hooks to find your Prince Charming. Tavres admits that he could not find a lot of dates while working at Disneyland.

The rising popularity of the art form, however, has led to many companies looking to capitalize on it, with anime dating sites becoming increasingly more common. MaiOtaku is one of the older anime dating sites and has been around since 2009. Throughout this time, it has continued to grow in popularity, thanks in large part to the various features that it has on offer. Eva was born and raised in the beautiful state of Oregon but has since relocated and lives in New York City. Since she was young, Eva has loved to perform in musicals, especially Disney ones! Through performing, Disney’s music became the soundtrack of her childhood.

When you create your dating profile online it is your opportunity to tell people what you are into and what you are looking for. You can start a relationship with someone that is seeking the same and then have someone to share your interests with and go on dates with. Check out the latest Disney movies together or plan a trip to Disney World. MouseMingle matches Disney fanatics based on their answers to questions about movies, characters, songs, and parks along with standard lifestyle questions. For a few of the common dating profile questions, they tend to be ‘themed’. For example, instead of choosing a favorite pet, users are asked if they are a “Cheshire cat person” or if they prefer Pluto.

You can view user profiles and photos for free, but if you want to contact someone, then you’ll have to pay a monthly membership fee of $12.55. Upon going through the sign-up process for Mouse Mingle, you need to give some personal information about you as a person. That’s normal for just about all dating sites, but they don’t ask you what your favorite Disney Park is, your favorite Disney songs, or what your “Disney nerd level” may be. So far, the ‘photos’ section of the site is packed with men – and some women – posing in Disney theme parks and with Mickey Mouse ears.

Considering I haven’t been to Disneyland since I was 8, I had to settle on a picture of just my face. “The site is now usable and fast, thanks to a couple friends,” Tavres said. Tavres shared his idea of a dating site exclusively for Disney fans with his friends, and he was met with immediate support. One of his friends even came up with the name, “Mouse Mingle,” which Tavres liked for its alliteration. Some people might enjoy visual novels, which allow you to make different choices to experience a text-based story.

Tickets will be available for purchase starting Thursday, March 30 at 10 a.m. Priyanka Chopra got real about her dating history on the latest episode of the Armchair Expert podcast with Dax Shepard. When her now-husband Nick Jonas made the first move and slid into her Twitter DMs, she was nearing the end of a rocky relationship with an unnamed ex. On the flip side, shoujo anime is “for girls.” This is where shows like Sailor Moon and Fruits Basket end up. Magical girl stories and most stories involving heroines are shoujo. Shonen anime is the genre most people in the US are familiar with.

That was when he was surrounded by thousands upon thousands of people every single day, but that’s not the type of person he is. Tavres, who used to work as an engineer at Disneyland, told LA Mag he founded the website because “normal” dating websites “don’t have Disney questions”. Mouse Mingle is billed as “the place to connect people who love Disney and who want that same magic in their relationship”.

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